Logical Fallacy: Old Spice Questions

There are several logical fallacies in this commercial.  First, the man says that other men cannot look as good as he does, but, because of Old Spice, they can smell like he does.  This is illogical because it attractiveness is different to everyone and it is not all dependent on smell.  A second logical fallacy is the actions that he performs.  He also says that this smell gives the user the ability to log roll, bake a gourmet cake, and build kitchens.  It is also illogical and unrealistic how he dives off the cliff into a hot tub and then the hot tub falls apart and he is completely dry and riding a motorcycle.  This commercial uses ethos by using a man that women would consider to be attractive.  This makes him seem credible in what he is saying.  The commercial also utilizes pathos because all men want to be found attractive to women.  This product appeals to them because it says it has the ability to make them attractive.  This commercial uses logos as well.  It says that if you want to be like the man on the screen, you have to smell like him, and if you smell like him you will be able to do all the things he can do.  This commercial is effective because of its use of pathos.  All men want to be attractive to women, and this commercial says that Old Spice can do that for men.  It also uses humor through logical fallacy.  Everyone knows that the actions that he performs are impossible and it makes the commercial seem ridiculous.  This use of humor makes the commercial memorable and effective.

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